Sunday, 10 June 2012

Mink Pink at

I absolutly love this fringe, embellished vest by Mink Pink available at I have teamed it here with a maxi skirt and a vintage denim jacket with Doctor Martens, but it also goes with so much more. I love an all black outfit occasionally and this denim jacket always looks so good ontop of black.

Today involved ordering my brand new white jeep (have to wait over 2 weeks for it though :-( then going for lunch with my lovely friend Jade. We stopped off at this little wooded area to take some pics before going home and trying one of Jades freshly baked chocolate cupcakes which was delish.

Outfit- Vintage denim jacket- Etsy, Black fringed vest-, Black maxi skirt- asos, Doctor Martens- asos, Sunglasses- Marc by Marc Jacobs


  1. love the vest and maxi together!
    these photos look exactly like the place near where my folks live!x

  2. Thanks Hun:-)
    This is in Kettering not far from Boughton House. X

  3. love ur jacket !!! u have great style keep blogging . :)

    1. Thanks Betty, just seen this, sorry for such late response. I checked your blog out and really enjoyed it. I'm now following you :-) x