Saturday, 20 December 2014

Coco the Birthday girl

Today is Coco's birthday and we have spent all day together. We started the day with some visits to pet shops to get her favourite treats and to see some bunny rabbits and then headed over to grannies.

Late afternoon we cuddled up and watched movies and I had on my new hotel style slippers from The White Company. 

In the evening we headed out for her birthday meal where myself, Liam, my mum and dad enjoyed some lovely food at The Kino Lounge which is a very dog friendly place and gave her a bowl of her own water as soon as we sat down with some biscuits. 

Now it's safe to say at this exact moment I write this Coco and Liam are fast asleep curled up together after her birthday celebrations. Being the birthday girl is tiring work :)

Happy birthday my darling Coco

My outfit

T shirt dress- Moshino
Boots- zara
Bag- MCQ-


Wednesday, 3 December 2014

All things festive

It's safe to say I'm a little bit excited for Christmas, I'm currently buying so much for the tree my boyfriend thinks I'm crazy, every day I'm coming home with more things to add. 

If I'm not making festive hot chocolate, hanging baubles on the tree, making Liam watch Christmas movies then I'm either at work :) or online Christmas shopping. One reason I'm super excited this year is because its the first one spent with Liam. 

Here are some photos of mine from my Instagram account, please check it out at @katywatts8 to see even more Christmas inspiration. 

Chrismas count down board- Poundland
Kilner jars- The Range 
Macaroons- Selfridges
Candy canes- Marks and Spencer's
Gingerbread candle- Adsa 
Baubles- Asda