Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Festival vibes

With Coachella all over social media and the fashion and styling that goes with it I have been desperate to get into some summer clothes. It has been hard to avoid fringing, crop tops, worn cut offs and some sort of ankle boot. I really love the festival look but the funny thing is I'm not a huge fan of festivals ha. The music, yes I love, the sun, yes, the atmosphere, the fashion yes but just the idea of being crowded freaks me out as I'm clostrophobic so I tend to be one of those people that has all the gear and no idea ha. Tent life isn't for me. 

So while I can't read out a long list of festivals I have visited I can help you out with the fashion as I constantly drool over festival wear. 

Denim cut offs are a festival staple and while you can style them any way you like, I prefer to do it with some sort of ankle boot. A small cross the body bag is also essential so you can keep it close to you and also wave your arms around to the band that you have always wanted to see live. 

Accessories do it for me, bindis, chockers, suede bags, ankle boots, bright tribal jewellery. These are what pull an outfit together and create that relaxed put together look. 

My top pick is this Faux fur Topshop waistcoat. This is ideal for British festivals as I'm sure we can all agree, we won't know what weather we will be getting until we are there on the day. The shape with its crop style and the colours with its vibrant feathers are totally festival esque so grab this while you can. 

So a little run down of the main ingredients for this festival look are-
Denim cut offs
Crop printed vest
Some sort of waistcoat
Ankle boots
Lots of accessories
Fringe bag

A simple way to create an avid festival goer look... Even if you're like me and you're all festival without the actual festival haha!


Saturday, 9 April 2016

Beauty review

Recently I made a purchase on Space.NK as shown in my previous post which is a haul. Today I am bringing you a review on these products as I have been using them for a couple of weeks now so I feel as though I can do a true review. 

First things first, very simple, my skin is ridiculously smooth. It is so soft and when makeup is applied it just looks so much better. I feel as though sometimes foundation highlights under the skin spots on my forehead but my little regime has really improved the condition of my skin. 

I start my daily routine with the freedom deep pore cleanser. I purchased this as I felt I needed a face wash that was directed at pores and improving those spots that are deep under the skin. 
     After patting down my face with a clean towel I then move on to the Sunday Riley blue moon cleansing balm. This for me has such a lovely texture and I absolutely love it. It leaves the skin feeling  so clean and smooth and it really does feel like it is doing what is its meant to be doing. 

After rinsing my face and again patting it down dry I then apply the Emma Hardie eye cream and I feel that this is my saviour. I am hitting 30 this year and while I have always used some form of anti aging cream and eye creams this has really impressed me. I feel as though it has smoothed out fine lines and left the delicate eye area in just a far more smoother condition. 

Next I move on to the Sunday Riley face oil. This does have quite an odd smell and not one I would choose, however I can understand why with all of its ingredients and super food oils. It is packed full of goodness and that is what caught my eye. I feel this is deep care for your skin and I tend to leave it on for as long as possible before heading to the next step of my skincare routine. 

The last step is the Sunday Riley Bionic anti aging cream. This is my favourite product out of them all with its amazing scent and ridiculously smooth consistency. It finishes off my regime perfectly giving a super smooth base for make up to be applied. I'm all about the smoothness it seems in this post ha. 


Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Space.NK. Haul

Here I have my Space.NK. haul. I was recently sat in the hair dressers looking into the mirror and thought, Katy, your skin needs a pick me up. I headed online straight to Space.NK. as I always trust their range of stock to be some of the best. Reading through lots of products and seeing many of vlogs giving great reviews on the Sunday Riley range I decided to give this brand a go for my self. 

Opening the beautiful white Space.NK. bag and pulling aside the white tissue paper, there were my four products, three from Sunday Riley and one from Emma Hardie. Each product was beautifully packaged in strong, sturdy boxes and once opened the products themselves looked beautiful (I love packaging, can you tell) especially the face oil In its glass bottle. 

Here I have-
Sunday Riley Blue moon facial balm
Sunday Riley face oil
Sunday Riley anti ageing cream
Emma Hardie age support eye cream 

I can't wait to try these products. A post of my first impressions will be coming very soon... Stay tuned.


Sunday, 20 March 2016

Nude lips

A nude lipstick has always been the colour I have opted for when buying them. These ones here are my current favourites and the ones I'm reaching for at the moment.

I'm always searching for that perfect nude colour and I think I have found it. My newest purchase is the Nyx lip lingerie (top) It goes on lovely and doesn't dry your lips. The colour stays on through out the day, it's my top pick even over the much loved Kat Von D liquid lipstick. 

At the bottom I have a mix of Mac and Avon. I have put the Mac matte range and the Avon matter than Mac range up against each other to let you know which one is really worth it. So, while the Avon range has a good mix of colours, they are very drying on the lips and I don't think they capture a perfect nude colour. It's either extremely nude almost like foundation lips which is super, super drying or the next shade down is an orange tone. 
  Mac will always be a favourite with a huge range of colours and their matte range doesn't dry your lips out. My preferences are Honey love, myth and velvet teddy. I would rank the Mac matte range higher than Avon due to the consistency and colour range, however, the price point on Avon is extremely good and there fore it is worth giving them a try. The colours go to pinks and reds which may not be as drying however I won't be trying this shade as I am not a fan of brights on my lips.


Thursday, 3 March 2016

Kat Von D liquid lipstick review

Yes I'm on the hype. After hearing such good reviews of this product I had to try it for my self. 

I chose the shade 'Bow n arrow' which is a Sephora exclusive. From what I hear, with the right lip liner it can look like a nudey brown which is the colour I wanted. 

In the past I have tried lip Staines and they give my lips a horrible texture and the product seems to go very dry and doesn't settle on to the lips like it should.

This product is completely different. It goes on like a lipgloss and finishes smooth like a lipstick. It does last a long time and you don't have to worry about topping up all of the time through out the day. 

The colours are fab and have a range of reds, pinks, nudes and Browns. I'm sure there would be a colour for everyone.

I give this a 10 out of 10 and I'm sure it will be replacing my mac lipsticks for a while any way.


My hair routine

I thought it would be a good idea to write a post all about my hair routine. Firstly because I used to be one of those girls that was constantly wanting longer hair and my hair just would not grow. Secondly I have a pretty talented brother who is a hair dresser, who stocks lots of amazing products in his salons that I use and he is full of lots of tips and tricks to maintain beautiful locks. 

So where to begin. I DO NOT wash my hair every day or even every other day. Styling tools such as straighteners and hair dryers are not the best for your hair let alone using them everyday after washing your hair. I am lucky to have the type of hair to get away with leaving it for a few more days and I understand some girls have to wash their hair every day. If you are one of those girls try not to use the heated tools every day. 

Now on to the products I use. I start my routine slathering pure coconut oil from Holland and Barrett into my hair and leaving it for around 15 minutes. Once washing it out I then reach for Red Ken extreme Shampoo. 

The next step is olaplex that I leave in my hair for around 15 minutes inbetween shampooing and conditioning. I then move on to RedKen extreme conditioner. I then rinse my hair with cold water.

Out of the bath I then go straight to moroccan oil being quite generous from mid lengths to ends, followed by RedKen frizz dismiss then RedKen diamond oil for a shine.

try to leave my hair to dry naturally but obviously with a busy lifestyle I sometimes opt for the hair dryer. Once finished I occasionally spritz the hair with some RedKen hair perfume and I'm good to go.


Monday, 29 February 2016

February Favourites

I cannot believe that thats another month gone by. February is over and we are into March. I can't keep track of one weekend to the next. One thing to look forward to this month however is celebrating two years with my wonderful boyfriend Liam. 

Here I have my February favourites, it's been a month of some luxury items and no makeup but I have loved every single item I have purchased. Let's get to it.

Starting with my newest item only arriving a couple of days ago. This Saint Laurent handbag. I absolutely love it, I am always drawn to a black bag but this leather is absolutely beautiful. It also has a smaller leather purse to go with it that is attached to the actual bag itself. This will be so handy to store cards and my phone etc. 
It will go with so many of my outfits because of the colour and the simple shape. It's for sure going to be a staple piece. 

This Lush order was a valentines themed one, with pink tones, feminine scents and hearts and flowers. Each one of these products I enjoyed using and at the end of each day enjoyed sinking into a bubble bath to relax after busy and stressful days. 

These cute ceramic milk cartons from Asda are a new cute edition to our house hold. We love a little milk shake in them or they are even perfect to have on the table to fill with milk and pour over our favourite cereal. 

Marble print has taking the world by storm being the perfect backdrop to many a floor lays :). This ring was a perfect little edition to my jewellery collection from lvndr. This site stocks lovely affordable jewellery, I have shopped their a few times, go check them out online, you won't be disappointed.

I love putting an outfit together using colours to match. I seen this House of Holland sweater and loved it, then I seen this skirt also from House of Holland and I just had to team them together. I loved the pinks and reds and the prints on each item and they just worked so well together. 

I wore this Asos jumpsuit in London recently. I needed a lightweight item to pack and I loved how simple but yet tailored it looked. 

Some days I like to be super dressy and feminine, other days I want to be causal and a little bit tom boy and this sweater says it all from adolescent clothing. It's simple and it was the colours that drawn me to it. However on this occasion i did dress it up with a tailored long jacket, jeans and my new Balenciaga shoes, and on that note... 

Here are my beauties, my Balenciaga flats, they don't need much explanation you can surely just see how amazing they are :). I'm really happy with them. I bought them when we went to London from Selfridges. The ankle strap sold them to me as they made them look more edgy than the version they do with out it.

I haven't shopped from the Avon book in years... Until now. This rose gold compact mirror caught my eye because it also charges your phone. The perfect handbag accessory.

Liam went a way to Berlin for his birthday for a long weekend. I didn't expect him to bring me something back but he did and I absolutely loved them. I am partial to a bit of Nutella and I have been know to just spoon it out of the jar. These mini jars are perfect for my little Nutella fix. They are glass jars too, I love how cute they are. I could even pop one in my bag lol.

The second thing he got me is this OPI travel edition Coco Cola nail polish set. He is so thoughtful as he knows how much I like to paint my nails. Every colour in this set is so lovely, I can't wait to try them all.

This top is from Asos and I was drawn to it because of the neckline. I am really loving a frill neck at the moment. I can't find too many that I like but when I do they go in to my basket. I find that a lot of them look a little Victorian especially white ones and I just don't love that look. I got one last month that was stripey so that had a really modern twist to it.