Saturday, 31 October 2015

Halloween party... For two

Last night I decided to make an event out of Halloween for my boyfriend and I. If you don't create fun things, life will pass you by so I decided to do a party for two ha.

First things first. I decorated the house for when Liam came home from work with grave stones, cobwebs, spiders and Halloween treats. He was very surprised when he arrived home ha, we started the evening with me making dinner which was witches fingers, pumpkin cheese burgers and fries. 

To create the witches fingers all you need to do is cut the crust off of the bread, apply garlick butter on the bread and roll it. Cut one end of the rolled bread into a point and then apply more garlick butter on to that end and stick an almond onto it to create the nail and then grill... Easy right. Then add them into a bowl of tomatoe ketchup to look like the blood and there you have it.

Following dinner we had witches brew which is limeade and ice cream to create the froth then add a straw and some candy floss, simple but looks so good.

We then carved pumpkins, can you guess which one is mine... Of course the one with the love heart eyes :). 
We then sat in the garden and made s'mores. S'mores are an American tradition, something that was done around a camp fire, so we grabbed our mega marshmallows and sat around the fire and toasted them and put them in between two biscuits and a layer of chocolate, sooooooo good.

Cupcakes followed made by my, a simple sponge recipe with cadburys chocolate spread on top. I used some Selfridges skull decorations and some finger biscuits and wrote RIP on them with an icing pen to create a grave stone.
Pin the wart on the witch ended our night before we settled down with a movie and it was a lot of fun. Create your own fun by drawing your own picture and then cut shapes out that apply to the picture and play your own 'pin the' game.
I am no artist as shown but we still had fun :).

I am now planning our next themed night but I think that may be Christmas :) that does give me an excuse to go all out doesn't it :).

Thanks for reading


Thursday, 29 October 2015

Halloween plans

Stay tuned for all of my Halloween plans over the next few days. 
Thought I would write a mini post to give you an idea of what my Halloween will entail. 
I am not one for dressing up and going out on Halloween I much prefer to create fun at home :). This year it will just be me and Liam watching a movie, carving pumpkins, games and me making a Halloween themed dinner. I am going to be baking Halloween cupcakes and making Witches brew. 
I have purchased a few cute bits and bobs from selfridges to add more fun. Stay tuned :) 


Monday, 26 October 2015

Something to celebrate

I haven't written a blog post in a while because I have been super busy organising a show for my dance company. Now the show is over and was a huge success it was time to say thank you to the people that helped me achieve what I did. This post is all about how I thanked my boyfriend Liam as he takes care of all the music for me, mixing, editing and playing on the night of the show. 

I decided to book a hotel in the mailbox in Birmingham. This time we stayed at Hotel Indigo. We loved this hotel and everything it had to offer from the amazing room with amazing floor to ceiling windows that showcased the whole city and at night it was pretty amazing from laying in bed. 

The Mailbox has been refurbished and it's absolutely stunning. Once checked into the hotel and settled we headed to the gas social restaurant within the mailbox. It's a new addition and we really enjoyed the relaxed vibe, the cocktails and the food. I had sticky chicken with sweet potatoe fries and Liam had a burger.

We then went on for more cocktails in the new cocktail bar Aluna where Liam chose the PiƱa punch for two with coconut ice cream in it. It was lovely and we really loved this particular bar. 

We finished up in Marco Pierre Whites restaurant over looking the city once more, enjoying live music and lovely drinks. 

The next day we headed to the Bullring... Of course where we done a little shopping. Below are all of the pictures from the weekend. A post will follow with all of the items I purchased.