Tuesday, 25 November 2014

My own Kilner creation.

After being inspired by pictures of Kilner jars on Instagram and how people have creatively used them, I decided to make my own little festive gifts for my friends children. 

I used the Christmas MilkyBar Snowy the Snow Owl with some sparkly fake christmas snow to create a little winter scene. The children can eat the chocolate and my friends are left with the jar to use and store things in so its kind of a two in one present. I purchased the jars from The Range store and the chocolate snow owls from Tesco. The fake snow is from Poundland and that's the the items you need to create this. I also added a few mini eggs on top of the snow to bring a little colour and to look like bird eggs.

And there you have it, Snowy will be off to their new owners very soon for Christmas. 


Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Favourite ways to use a Kilner jar

So I've seen plenty of Kilner jars around and I have some myself and the candy cane red and white straws to drink out of, but these are my favourite ways people have creatively used the jars on Instagram. 

Being inspired by the Easter rabbits in the jars I'm going to create the same but with chocolate reindeers for my friends children. So cute and once eaten your left with a Kilner jar to use as a vase, light or ways to create your favourite ice cream Sunday. So many ways to use a Kilner jar.


Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Out and about

At the weekend I was out and about with my boyfriend, seeing my nan, taking Coco for long walks and shopping. I love weekends where nothing is really planned, just going from one place to the next enjoying each other's company. 

I was probably a little too excited by our first purchase which was our serving boards. I love when you go to restaurants and instead of plates you get thick wooden serving boards or sometimes slate. Below is the picture of the two Jamie Oliver serving boards we purchased from TKmaxx. I'm a huge lover of a wine and cheese night and love a bread board so we are now all set for our own tapas nights. 

The outfit I wore for the day was based around my beautiful new Alexander McQueen bag. I felt the red and white print really should stand out so I went for an all black look.

Hat- asos.com
T shirt- Zara
Bomber jacket- dollskill.com
Sleeveless leather jacket- Mango
Jeans- asos.com
Boots- asos.com
Bag- netaporter.com


Monday, 3 November 2014

Weekends spent with him <3

This weekend was perfect, I took Liam away to say thank you for helping me with my show. He done such an amazing job and I was so appreciative of him being there and doing what he done that I thought it was only right to treat him :). 

I took him to one of my favourite little get away spots and that's the Mailbox in Birmingham. We stayed in the Malmaison Hotel in a lovely suite and went for dinner at The Oriental which is a new resturant within the Mailbox. The food was delicious and the surroundings were beautiful we really did have an amazing time. 

To finish the night after going to a few bars we headed back to the hotel to enjoy the bar and it's tasty cocktails, as you can see in the pictures they are pretty impressive. 

The next day we done a spot of shopping and headed home for a cosy night together plus Coco, finishing the weekend in the most perfect way.

I wore a Laden showroom duster coat with matching top and a zara fluted skirt in a gorgeous texture and my trustee Marc Jacobs Lavender bag.

Coat- asos.com
Top- asos.com
Skirt- Zara