Saturday, 8 August 2015

Essentials that fill my bag on days out

When I go out for the day it's obvious I use a bigger bag because I never know what I will need, how long I'm going to be out, what the weather will do to my makeup etc. here are some of my essentials that I cram into my bag.

Luckily for my arms and back I am not one of those girls who fill their bag with lots of makeup. Once I have applied it in the morning I don't like to keep caking it on. I prefer to buy products that will last and prep my skin to assure the makeup stays. Mascara is definitely a no no for me, I couldn't bare the thought of liking that on through out the day. Here are the bare essentials.

Sunglasses for obvious reasons and these are from Whistles. I take the nail polish I have on and a file incase I need to do any retouches that will get me through until my next nail apt or until I completely remove the polish and re apply properly.
A perfume and the one I have today is the Karl Lagerfeld one which I used this morning.
Hand sanitiser because I am a bit OTT about germs and hate touching taps, toilet flushers and toilet door handles .
The amazing Lush lip scrub, if you haven't tried one then please do... Amazing.
The body shop vitimin spray which gives you a bit of moister if your skin dries out and your makeup is looking a little sorry for itself and that is also why I take the Mac hydration water out with me so a sray can just give my skin a little moisture and revamp the foundation.
Bobbi Brown finishing powder is just... I can't even explain. Makes the skin look incredible and when you have been out all day and your skin is looking a little dull this will help I assure you. 
Lastly the Victoria secrets body mist, for obvious I reasons. A little squirt of this will freshen you up, it has such a feminine and fresh smell, I love it.


Thursday, 6 August 2015

Hail the nails

This post is all about nail polish. I love changing up my nails on a weekly bases and I have my nails done every two weeks in a salon, however I get bored so easily that I find myself re painting them a couple of days later. 

Here are some of my favourite colours and brands-
Barry M I would say is my favourite nail polish brand from drug stores. They have such a wide variety of colours and also finishes that it is my go to brand. They are priced so well that they make it impossible not to choose them over other brands. This colour is called vintage goilet and its my favourite Barry M shade.

Primark nail polish are literally 80p to £1 an absolute bargain and in my opinion last very well considering the price. This doesn't have a name but such a perfect popping pink for this time of year.

NYC States it lasts up to 10 days and I can't disagree. However I don't usually struggle with chipping nails. I love this soft green colour in mint macaroon. 

Chanel, the most expensive polish out of my collection and I do understand why. Usually the brand of a polish bumps the price up and there can be not much difference in formulae, however a Chanel polish glides on to the nail so effortlessly and the end result is smooth, clean and glossy. I love this Taboo shade.

Rimmel is appealing for its collab's with celebrities. Kate Moss, Rita Ora etc. I love this sort summery colour in Reggae splash, a lovely colour to go with tanned skin. 

I have recently just purchased the Ciatex Olivia Palermo nude polish and yet to try it. I go away next week so think that will be my colour of choice to go with all outfits.


Tuesday, 4 August 2015

July Favourites

July has been a month jam packed full of favourites, mainly because it was my birthday and I got so many lovely things that obviously had to make my favourites.
Some items I purchased though, because of the reviews I had read about them and I wasn't disappointed. So let's start with the Rimmel scandal eyes eyeshadow sticks-
I have been getting a lot of complements on my makeup recently and funnily enough I have changed up my high end items for drug store items and I haven't looked back. Here I have the White one to highlight my brow bones and a bronze to blend all over the lids as a base before blending a darker colour in the crease. 

Soap and glory makeup is new for me, I have only just started noticing it and enjoying the whole brand for that matter. I LOVE their items and love this kick ass retouch powder to give my makeup a little touch up through out the day.

I love, love, love makeup brushes but not the price tag. My brother got me the Body Shop brushes for Christmas and I loved them so much but just needed more as I use a lot of eye shadows in one go especially for a smokey eye so I browsed ebay and found these insanely eye catching ones for £8. I'm not saying they are as good quality as my Body Shop brushes but they definitely do the job and can't complain at the price.

I had seen the happiness planner a lot on people's instagrams so decided to search for one my self finding only one on ebay. I think this is an amazing way to put things into priority and evaluate just how lucky you are and how amazing your life actually is. We can all get snowed under with work and responsibilities but this just gives you a moment to reflect and release all of the amazing things that you have in your life. 

I have the Laura Mercier Ambre Vanille bath set so when I realised the scent was in a perfume form I had to get it. It's lovely and definitely lingers on the skin. 

While spending less on makeup I have not been able to do so with lipstick. There's something so feminine about pulling a beautiful lipstick out of your hand bag and applying it so I always like to splurge on this. Here I purchased the Mac honey love lipstick and spice lip liner.

I tend to try different skin care as I don't like to miss out :) but this item I will be sticking with. It has completely transformed my skin which felt dry from the winter and made it feel so soft and silky. Along with drinking two litres of water a day my skin hasn't felt better.

My friends got me this for my birthday. I am a big Whistles fan so they were very quite thoughtful. I love it, such a lovely and delicate size. The colour and texture is gorgeous. 

My AMAZING boyfriend got me these Prada espadrilles for my birthday and boy am I in love. The leather is gorgeous, so soft on my feet, a perfect fit and I just love styling them, thanks so much Liam. 

My brother and his girlfriend got me this Ma-Ga bracelet for my birthday as they know I love skulls and the brand. My brother is ambassador for this brand and by using his code pwhair20 you can receive 20% off of your order

After falling in love with the bracelet I treated my self for my birthday by buying the watch from Ma-Ga. It's so beautiful with the skull and the silver with the black leather strap. The perfect watch for me. Go check them out.

 And finally another Whistles handbag from my brother and his girlfriend for my birthday. Amazing colour so eye catching, love to wear this with an all black outfit and have it as the main piece.  It's a lovely size and so glad it has a strap so it can be used as a clutch and a shoulder bag. 

Thanks for reading, let me know if you have any of these items or if your going to try them.