Thursday, 30 July 2015


Good morning, so this blog is all about hair and I am lucky enough to have a brother who is a hairdresser and a VERY talented one at that. Obviously people who read this may not live close to his salons but his Instagram is definitely worth a follow due to his tips and forward thinking check it out at @paulwattshair. Not only is he passionate about creating but he also passionate about the science and is packed full of knowledge on how to look after your hair and keep it in its best condition possible. He has recently introduced a brand into the salon called Olaplex. Kim K has recently been raving about it and how much it has improved her hair. It is described as insurance for your hair and really is such an amazing product. 

Paul likes to ensure that your hair is looked after not only in the salon under his care but once you leave. He stocks products that he believes in such as RedKen. He is working closely with RedKen and Lee Stafford to broaden his knowledge and to express his ideas that are always very contemporary and that is why this formula is working so well. 
Watch this space as I can only image whats to come.

Here is the journey of my hair from a bleach ashy blonde to a gorgeous soft ombré.



Monday, 27 July 2015

All about Lush

An excited Katy walked through the doors of the new Lush store on Oxford Street in London. The reason behind my excitement was because I knew there would be so many exclusive items in this store that other stores don't sell. 

Here are the items I purchased, let's start with Honey Bee.
HONEY BEE- the label did not describe the smell so I will do it for you :). By the name it obviously speaks for it's self, honey, but to me it also smells similar to the Ma bar if you have tried that. Very sweet, caramelly and very warming.
INTERGALACTIC- Peppermint and popping candy.
MILKY BAR- Uplifting orange oil and skimmed milk.
YUZU & COCOA- Chocolate oranges and looks like a macaroon, includes coconut oil and Shea butter.
CANDY BAR- sweet scent just like Candy ( this is my go to lush item from any Lush store so topped my self up) 
BIG BANG- Softening avocado butter, zesty grapefruit oil, lemon myrtle oil.
THE EXPERIMENTER- This did not have any information on the label so I will describe it for you. It has a very strong aroma, relaxing kind of smell, like inscent sticks. 

When I was deciding on which items to buy I was purely going for the prettiest ones :). The Experimenter would not be a scent I would usually go for but it looked too good not to buy. I will be using it on those evenings where I feel I need to relax with a book in the bath. All of the others especially Honey Bee smell so so good. If you visit you will not be disappointed, all of the staff are extremely friendly and helpful. 


Monday, 13 July 2015

Four steps to look after your tan

Hi everyone, here is a short post on looking after your tan and making sure it lasts longer wheather it be a fake tan or a real tan.

It's important to exfoliate and I know it can be a painful thought when you have a real tan and feel as though each little exfoliating bead is stripping more and more of your tan away. It's especially important to do this before fake tans, it makes sure you have a smooth base and no dry skin that the tan can cling to. I choose to use Soap and Glory breakfast scrub which I could sit and smell it for hours by far the best one I have tried. 

When I have a fake tan the main product I like to use it the Nivea in shower moisturiser. This really pro longs my tan and keeps me smooth. This is definitely my must have when it comes to making sure my tan lasts. 

Keeping moisturised is important for real and fake tans. Making sure you don't peal or making sure your skin stays hydrated enough so that your fake tan stays in place and doesn't start going patchy. 

If you want a little helping hand for colour, try using the Bondi sands gradual glow. My fave tanning brand with coco butter and a natural colour. 

It's important to use a moisturising product that will sink into the skin and really hydrate. I love the Nars body glow for not only its moisturising purposes but it's beautiful bottle and pretty flower that slowly infuses the oil with nutrients.

These are my four must have tan pro longing products. Would love to know if you use any of these or want to try any of them. If you do let me know your thoughts and review.