Saturday, 20 December 2014

Coco the Birthday girl

Today is Coco's birthday and we have spent all day together. We started the day with some visits to pet shops to get her favourite treats and to see some bunny rabbits and then headed over to grannies.

Late afternoon we cuddled up and watched movies and I had on my new hotel style slippers from The White Company. 

In the evening we headed out for her birthday meal where myself, Liam, my mum and dad enjoyed some lovely food at The Kino Lounge which is a very dog friendly place and gave her a bowl of her own water as soon as we sat down with some biscuits. 

Now it's safe to say at this exact moment I write this Coco and Liam are fast asleep curled up together after her birthday celebrations. Being the birthday girl is tiring work :)

Happy birthday my darling Coco

My outfit

T shirt dress- Moshino
Boots- zara
Bag- MCQ-


Wednesday, 3 December 2014

All things festive

It's safe to say I'm a little bit excited for Christmas, I'm currently buying so much for the tree my boyfriend thinks I'm crazy, every day I'm coming home with more things to add. 

If I'm not making festive hot chocolate, hanging baubles on the tree, making Liam watch Christmas movies then I'm either at work :) or online Christmas shopping. One reason I'm super excited this year is because its the first one spent with Liam. 

Here are some photos of mine from my Instagram account, please check it out at @katywatts8 to see even more Christmas inspiration. 

Chrismas count down board- Poundland
Kilner jars- The Range 
Macaroons- Selfridges
Candy canes- Marks and Spencer's
Gingerbread candle- Adsa 
Baubles- Asda


Tuesday, 25 November 2014

My own Kilner creation.

After being inspired by pictures of Kilner jars on Instagram and how people have creatively used them, I decided to make my own little festive gifts for my friends children. 

I used the Christmas MilkyBar Snowy the Snow Owl with some sparkly fake christmas snow to create a little winter scene. The children can eat the chocolate and my friends are left with the jar to use and store things in so its kind of a two in one present. I purchased the jars from The Range store and the chocolate snow owls from Tesco. The fake snow is from Poundland and that's the the items you need to create this. I also added a few mini eggs on top of the snow to bring a little colour and to look like bird eggs.

And there you have it, Snowy will be off to their new owners very soon for Christmas. 


Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Favourite ways to use a Kilner jar

So I've seen plenty of Kilner jars around and I have some myself and the candy cane red and white straws to drink out of, but these are my favourite ways people have creatively used the jars on Instagram. 

Being inspired by the Easter rabbits in the jars I'm going to create the same but with chocolate reindeers for my friends children. So cute and once eaten your left with a Kilner jar to use as a vase, light or ways to create your favourite ice cream Sunday. So many ways to use a Kilner jar.


Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Out and about

At the weekend I was out and about with my boyfriend, seeing my nan, taking Coco for long walks and shopping. I love weekends where nothing is really planned, just going from one place to the next enjoying each other's company. 

I was probably a little too excited by our first purchase which was our serving boards. I love when you go to restaurants and instead of plates you get thick wooden serving boards or sometimes slate. Below is the picture of the two Jamie Oliver serving boards we purchased from TKmaxx. I'm a huge lover of a wine and cheese night and love a bread board so we are now all set for our own tapas nights. 

The outfit I wore for the day was based around my beautiful new Alexander McQueen bag. I felt the red and white print really should stand out so I went for an all black look.

T shirt- Zara
Bomber jacket-
Sleeveless leather jacket- Mango


Monday, 3 November 2014

Weekends spent with him <3

This weekend was perfect, I took Liam away to say thank you for helping me with my show. He done such an amazing job and I was so appreciative of him being there and doing what he done that I thought it was only right to treat him :). 

I took him to one of my favourite little get away spots and that's the Mailbox in Birmingham. We stayed in the Malmaison Hotel in a lovely suite and went for dinner at The Oriental which is a new resturant within the Mailbox. The food was delicious and the surroundings were beautiful we really did have an amazing time. 

To finish the night after going to a few bars we headed back to the hotel to enjoy the bar and it's tasty cocktails, as you can see in the pictures they are pretty impressive. 

The next day we done a spot of shopping and headed home for a cosy night together plus Coco, finishing the weekend in the most perfect way.

I wore a Laden showroom duster coat with matching top and a zara fluted skirt in a gorgeous texture and my trustee Marc Jacobs Lavender bag.

Skirt- Zara


Friday, 31 October 2014

Halloween fun

Last night we celebrated Halloween a day early because of having plans tonight. I always like to make big of any occasion and instead of just sitting in watching scary movies I like to create a little fun filled night with Liam, even if he isn't quite as excited as me ha. 

I went on a little Halloween shopping spree buying the obvious pumpkin, tea lights, chocolate skulls, apples for Apple bobbing, toffee apples, chocolate apples, fizzy fangs, limeade and lemon sorbet for my IceScream juice :) and face paint even if it was just me and Liam lol.

So, we started with carving the pumkin and then went onto face paint which I can 100% say that Liam's batman facepaint was a lot better than my cat woman ha. 

I made our IceScream juice which is so simple and really effective especially for kids but seen as I don't have any, Coco, Liam and I just enjoyed them :). 
The limeade worked really well for this occasion as it gave it a green colour and then mixing it with lemon sorbet gave it the throffy effect. 

We then sat down and watched movies and enjoyed lots of Halloween treats.


Thursday, 30 October 2014

Shopping days

Tuesday I went shopping with my mum to treat her for helping at my dance companies show. She signed all of the dancers in which took a long time as I have over 200 dancers and they all arrived at different times through out the day for their rehearsal slot on stage. 
We had a lovely meal out at Coast to Coast which is one of my favourites when shopping in Leicester. My mum has never tried it but also loved it. 

I wore my new berry biker jacket and zara t shirt. I do love a slogan t shirt, Zara do them so well and they look more expensive than what they are with a great fit and great material. 

The biker jacket matches so well to my burgundy fedora so I loved the outcome as i do love a match :). I love a black and burgundy look which I think comes from the kooples campaign a few years a go.

I'm also wearing my over the knee boots which you can't see too well because they are over the top of black jeans, but I love them lots. Great heel height and love the platform. 

It's half term for me this week as all of the children are off school so I'm taking advantage of the free time and enjoying lots of things. Stay tuned for more pics of my half term adventures :)

Fedora- missselfridge
T shirt-
Jeans- Topshop


Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Hats, hats, hats

As most of you will already know I'm pretty obsessed with hats, fedoras being my favourite but here is a new member to my collection with a bit of a different shape. For starters the rim is bigger and it's floppy compared to the straight, stiff rim of a fedora. 

I loved the colour and the texture and that's what won me over. I'm not a huge fab of floppy hats but the texture is seude like and it's always nice to add to my collection with a hat that is a completly different material and colour. 

However I do find it hard to style it as I'm not a huge brown, tanned fan though I do feel it works very well in these pictures below. 

This is a Zara hat and I'm looking forward to the task of creating more looks with it.

Hat- Zara
Jumper- Unif
Dress- Zara


Monday, 8 September 2014

Kino Lounge

The first night back from Ibiza, myself, Liam, my mum and dad, my brother, his girlfriend Jess and Coco went to the new lounge bar/ restaurant in town. It was so lovely, really enjoyed my night and loved my new dress from Three floor. Was lovely to get some heels on after a week of wearing flats. 


Cafe Mambo

One night in Ibiza we went to Cafe Mambo where Steve Aoki and Laid back Luke were playing. Absolutely amazing night. I have been a fan of Steve Aoki for years as I choreograph dances for my company to his music very often. Great vibe there and so glad I got to experience it with Liam <3 and the sunset. 


Out and about in Ibiza

Being away for a week with my boyfriend was amazing. Loved every second with him. Here are some pics of us out and
about enjoying Ibiza together.