Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Hats, hats, hats

As most of you will already know I'm pretty obsessed with hats, fedoras being my favourite but here is a new member to my collection with a bit of a different shape. For starters the rim is bigger and it's floppy compared to the straight, stiff rim of a fedora. 

I loved the colour and the texture and that's what won me over. I'm not a huge fab of floppy hats but the texture is seude like and it's always nice to add to my collection with a hat that is a completly different material and colour. 

However I do find it hard to style it as I'm not a huge brown, tanned fan though I do feel it works very well in these pictures below. 

This is a Zara hat and I'm looking forward to the task of creating more looks with it.

Hat- Zara
Jumper- Unif dollskill.com
Jeans- asos.com
Dress- Zara


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