Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Out and about

At the weekend I was out and about with my boyfriend, seeing my nan, taking Coco for long walks and shopping. I love weekends where nothing is really planned, just going from one place to the next enjoying each other's company. 

I was probably a little too excited by our first purchase which was our serving boards. I love when you go to restaurants and instead of plates you get thick wooden serving boards or sometimes slate. Below is the picture of the two Jamie Oliver serving boards we purchased from TKmaxx. I'm a huge lover of a wine and cheese night and love a bread board so we are now all set for our own tapas nights. 

The outfit I wore for the day was based around my beautiful new Alexander McQueen bag. I felt the red and white print really should stand out so I went for an all black look.

Hat- asos.com
T shirt- Zara
Bomber jacket- dollskill.com
Sleeveless leather jacket- Mango
Jeans- asos.com
Boots- asos.com
Bag- netaporter.com


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