Saturday, 8 August 2015

Essentials that fill my bag on days out

When I go out for the day it's obvious I use a bigger bag because I never know what I will need, how long I'm going to be out, what the weather will do to my makeup etc. here are some of my essentials that I cram into my bag.

Luckily for my arms and back I am not one of those girls who fill their bag with lots of makeup. Once I have applied it in the morning I don't like to keep caking it on. I prefer to buy products that will last and prep my skin to assure the makeup stays. Mascara is definitely a no no for me, I couldn't bare the thought of liking that on through out the day. Here are the bare essentials.

Sunglasses for obvious reasons and these are from Whistles. I take the nail polish I have on and a file incase I need to do any retouches that will get me through until my next nail apt or until I completely remove the polish and re apply properly.
A perfume and the one I have today is the Karl Lagerfeld one which I used this morning.
Hand sanitiser because I am a bit OTT about germs and hate touching taps, toilet flushers and toilet door handles .
The amazing Lush lip scrub, if you haven't tried one then please do... Amazing.
The body shop vitimin spray which gives you a bit of moister if your skin dries out and your makeup is looking a little sorry for itself and that is also why I take the Mac hydration water out with me so a sray can just give my skin a little moisture and revamp the foundation.
Bobbi Brown finishing powder is just... I can't even explain. Makes the skin look incredible and when you have been out all day and your skin is looking a little dull this will help I assure you. 
Lastly the Victoria secrets body mist, for obvious I reasons. A little squirt of this will freshen you up, it has such a feminine and fresh smell, I love it.


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