Thursday, 6 August 2015

Hail the nails

This post is all about nail polish. I love changing up my nails on a weekly bases and I have my nails done every two weeks in a salon, however I get bored so easily that I find myself re painting them a couple of days later. 

Here are some of my favourite colours and brands-
Barry M I would say is my favourite nail polish brand from drug stores. They have such a wide variety of colours and also finishes that it is my go to brand. They are priced so well that they make it impossible not to choose them over other brands. This colour is called vintage goilet and its my favourite Barry M shade.

Primark nail polish are literally 80p to £1 an absolute bargain and in my opinion last very well considering the price. This doesn't have a name but such a perfect popping pink for this time of year.

NYC States it lasts up to 10 days and I can't disagree. However I don't usually struggle with chipping nails. I love this soft green colour in mint macaroon. 

Chanel, the most expensive polish out of my collection and I do understand why. Usually the brand of a polish bumps the price up and there can be not much difference in formulae, however a Chanel polish glides on to the nail so effortlessly and the end result is smooth, clean and glossy. I love this Taboo shade.

Rimmel is appealing for its collab's with celebrities. Kate Moss, Rita Ora etc. I love this sort summery colour in Reggae splash, a lovely colour to go with tanned skin. 

I have recently just purchased the Ciatex Olivia Palermo nude polish and yet to try it. I go away next week so think that will be my colour of choice to go with all outfits.


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