Saturday, 9 April 2016

Beauty review

Recently I made a purchase on Space.NK as shown in my previous post which is a haul. Today I am bringing you a review on these products as I have been using them for a couple of weeks now so I feel as though I can do a true review. 

First things first, very simple, my skin is ridiculously smooth. It is so soft and when makeup is applied it just looks so much better. I feel as though sometimes foundation highlights under the skin spots on my forehead but my little regime has really improved the condition of my skin. 

I start my daily routine with the freedom deep pore cleanser. I purchased this as I felt I needed a face wash that was directed at pores and improving those spots that are deep under the skin. 
     After patting down my face with a clean towel I then move on to the Sunday Riley blue moon cleansing balm. This for me has such a lovely texture and I absolutely love it. It leaves the skin feeling  so clean and smooth and it really does feel like it is doing what is its meant to be doing. 

After rinsing my face and again patting it down dry I then apply the Emma Hardie eye cream and I feel that this is my saviour. I am hitting 30 this year and while I have always used some form of anti aging cream and eye creams this has really impressed me. I feel as though it has smoothed out fine lines and left the delicate eye area in just a far more smoother condition. 

Next I move on to the Sunday Riley face oil. This does have quite an odd smell and not one I would choose, however I can understand why with all of its ingredients and super food oils. It is packed full of goodness and that is what caught my eye. I feel this is deep care for your skin and I tend to leave it on for as long as possible before heading to the next step of my skincare routine. 

The last step is the Sunday Riley Bionic anti aging cream. This is my favourite product out of them all with its amazing scent and ridiculously smooth consistency. It finishes off my regime perfectly giving a super smooth base for make up to be applied. I'm all about the smoothness it seems in this post ha. 


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