Sunday, 20 March 2016

Nude lips

A nude lipstick has always been the colour I have opted for when buying them. These ones here are my current favourites and the ones I'm reaching for at the moment.

I'm always searching for that perfect nude colour and I think I have found it. My newest purchase is the Nyx lip lingerie (top) It goes on lovely and doesn't dry your lips. The colour stays on through out the day, it's my top pick even over the much loved Kat Von D liquid lipstick. 

At the bottom I have a mix of Mac and Avon. I have put the Mac matte range and the Avon matter than Mac range up against each other to let you know which one is really worth it. So, while the Avon range has a good mix of colours, they are very drying on the lips and I don't think they capture a perfect nude colour. It's either extremely nude almost like foundation lips which is super, super drying or the next shade down is an orange tone. 
  Mac will always be a favourite with a huge range of colours and their matte range doesn't dry your lips out. My preferences are Honey love, myth and velvet teddy. I would rank the Mac matte range higher than Avon due to the consistency and colour range, however, the price point on Avon is extremely good and there fore it is worth giving them a try. The colours go to pinks and reds which may not be as drying however I won't be trying this shade as I am not a fan of brights on my lips.


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