Sunday, 21 October 2012

A night of cocktails

These are my pics from last night. The DJ got a bit carried away with the smoke machine, some pics you couldn't even see me and my friend. These were the clearest ones.
This night was one that was long over due, because it was spent with a friend that i haven't been out with for eight years. When we were eighteen we were out every weekend together. She moved away and we kind of got on with our own lives. Recently we got back in contact with each other and its like nothing has changed, it was lovely. We are for sure staying in contact with each other.
I recently purchased this T shirt from Zara. I love it, its a lovely material and the collar that can be removed is such a great touch, its covered in beads and gems. I'm a sucker for something sparkly. Its so simple but yet creates such a great look. Its amazing what a collar can do. I think i should purchase collars on their own, they totally transform a basic look. Hope you all enjoyed your weekend.

T shirt Zara
Blazer (old) Tesco back to school i.e a kids school blazer ha.


  1. you look lovely and it sounds like you had a lot of fun! It's the best when you get back in touch with old friends

    HANNAH †

    1. Thank you Hannah, just checked out your blog, am now a new follower :-) would love for you to follow mine :-) x