Friday, 12 April 2013

Unif Love affair

My fave designer from America has to be Unif. I absolutely love every single rad item they bring out. Unif is so individual and creative that I dare anyone not to love it. I always know that new items are not far away and that makes it even harder to choose what to buy as I always wonder, 'what have they got up their sleeves for their next collection.' I know I will want to buy it all. It is very rare that I love every single item if a collection or a brand, but With Unif that definitely is not the case. The choice is always so hard.

I love the fact that I have to purchase my Unif goods from America, as it means I won't see every passing person in the UK wearing it. I really hope it stays that way as it makes it really desirable and VERY special when you wear it. The item will travel many miles to reach me and when it does (after waiting many days) it makes it even more exciting to put it on. I heart Unif.

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