Saturday, 11 April 2015

Bondisands review

So here is my review of the BondiSands gradual tan. I have tried many fake tans and gradual tans believe me and the first thing I notice with this is how lovely it smells. It does say on the bottle that it has a cocoa butter scent and whilst others declare that they have lovely scent, this one actually does. It has a gorgeous Cocoa butter scent that you can smell straight away.

It feels very thin which means I won't feel clogged with tan. Along with the thin consistency it also feels very moisturising which is a bonus as its a gradual tan and a body moisturiser all in one.

Another factor about this product is how quick it dries in. I cannot bare when a tan makes your skin feel sticky, I can't sleep with it on and it just feels so heavy. This one literally felt like I was just moisterering my body with the liquid sinking in straight away like most moisterers do.

As far as the colour goes it is very subtle and natural and will take a few times to build up hense the name of gradual tan. I really love this product even as a moisturiser and scent and knowing its giving you a little colour at the same time.


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