Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Going into 2016

It isn't long until 2016 is here so I thought I would share with you how I stay organised and have a positive outlook on life.
For me, positivity comes from having a clear and organised mind, therefore, ensuring I enter 2016 in that exact way. 
Pictured below are my favourite items that I use day to day to keep me in an organised state of lifestyle and mind.

So, let's start with a diary, one of the best ways to keep your hectic life style in order. This particular one is by Kate Spade and I love the simplicity of the monochrome stripe. 

Herbal tea obviously doesn't help organise your life but for me I know all of its benefits and that makes me feel good about the day ahead, knowing that I have started the day off right. 

Bronzer, if you feel good about your self then you will project good vibes by being happy in your skin. Find out what makes you feel more confident and put it into your daily routine. For me, being bronzed makes me feel a lot more confident so wheather it's a spray tan or a little help from a good bronzer I like to make this effort to feel better.

Ensuring you stay on top of your hair is also important, having a brother who is a hair dresser makes things easy for me but hair is something I notice a lot on other people, the colour, the length, the cut and the condition. So I stay on top of mine, keeping up with appointments and using the best products to look after it and to help it grow. When you look in the mirror and feel good about yourself you will be able to take on life's pressures that little bit better. 

A women's nails show how well we look after ourselves. Keep them filed and polished, I always think a nude keeps them looking tidy especially if you're not into colours. It's a simple way of looking polished and put together. 

Exercise is a crucial part of every day life. Make sure you fit it in to your week. I know it can be hard with our busy life's but it does make you feel better and give you more energy. It doesn't have to mean going to the gym, I dance and swim. It could mean walking the dog, going to fun classes with friends or starting a hobby like badminton which I also occasionally do.

Water, one of the most important things on this picture. I try to drink a lot every day, and when I don't I notice a difference. The benefits are unreal, I feel way more awake, keen to cram more things into my day and my skin feels in so much better condition. 

I like to take a multi vitamin a day, I don't tend to notice a difference but just the thought of giving my body the vitamins makes me happy and happy equals a more positive, successful Katy. 

Lastly, the happiness planner, a great way of logging down your goals and thoughts of the day that will motivate you to work harder and be a better person. I really recommend this, I got mine from eBay. 

And that's it, the end of my stepping into 2016 with positivity and an organised mind. Have a good one. 


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