Friday, 13 July 2012

Here are my pics from last weekend. It started with a few drinks with one of my best friends. I was wearing my favourite shirt from Zara with a studded collar and Laura was wearing a CocoDeville item, the Mink Pink fringed vest over a maxi dress. It was a nice chilled evening. I dyed the ends of my hair pink (you can see in the first pic) and then became a bit braver and dyed all my hair pink. That pic is the first of my day trip to london pictured above.
My brother had a meeting to do with the hair products he uses in his salon so Luke (one of the stylist) and I went along for abit of a shop. In the evening we went to the BlueBird in Chelsea and i had the most amazing cocktails I have ever tasted. The Watermelon Martini and the Miss Monroe. It was such a relaxing evening sat there hoping Oliver Proudlock would walk in ;-)
My borther is the one in the denim shirt and Luke is the one working his inner Kat Slater... gotta love the leopard print.

First Picture i was wearing, Zara shirt, Storets skirt, ebay belt, Giuseppe Zanotti boots, Marc Jacobs Handbag

Laura was wearing a CocoDeville item Mink Pink fringe vest

In london i was wearing, Storets Leather Jacket, Mink Pink fringed vest, Bitching and Junkfood Denim cutoffs (although you cant see my bottom half.


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