Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Paul Watts Hairdressing

Today I have been hepling out in my brothers salon. I took Coco with me which is the little black French Bulldog in the pic. She loves bing in the salon with all the people around so she can get  more  attension. The staff were busy at work while i was going round taking pics, hopefully not being too annoying :-/
The salon always has such a great vibe and the staff are always fun to be around. I enjoy doing my little bit to help out when all the stylists are run off their feet.
I am loving Creepers at the minute, mine are from asos but Trixie- One of the stylists has the Underground versions. A client of the salon works for Underground Creepers and he gave them to her. What a great present. Wish i was there when he came in :'-(
A brand i cant seem to get enough of is Unif. The dress i am wearing is the Unif Deadstock dress that i absolutely love. The jacket is vintage and the hat is from Topshop. The rings i was wearing are two of my favourites. One being Alexander Mcqueen and the other being a cheap mood ring from Pool in Dorset. I have always loved moodrings, i remember having them as a kid.

Hat- Topshop old


  1. Such a lovely post on my favourite salon :) Coco looks like such a sweet pug! Absolutely love your Alexander McQueen ring! xx

  2. Aw thanks Sarah. coco is a French bulldog :-) xx

    1. *bulldog not pug ahhh must have been so distracted when I wrote that, what a moron - I'll pretend I meant to write *dog :) Sorry!! xx