Saturday, 18 August 2012

Gentlemen slippers

This is the outfit I wore for abit of shopping with my mum.
I am a massive fan of leather jackets, I have them in different colours and fits and i still want more :-) This is one of my favourites. It goes with everything and can make the simplest of outfits look edgy. I styled it here with black skinny jeans and a t shirt from a shop in Manchester called Oh Hell.
My footwear...ahhhhhhh, I love them. Purple, velvet flats in the style of gentlemen slippers by Jimmy Choo. One reason I chose this particulr pair (believe me, there was alot of debating between afew flats) was because I love how high they go up the foot. So many flats go just to the end of the toes but love how this pair end nearly at the ankle, this is was swung it for me, a simple difference but an important one to me :-)

My nails for the day had cross nail transfers from a company called HailtheNails. They have so many designs its hard to choose from but i love the outcome of these. To get yours go to

Obviously Coco had to make an appearance. She loves a ride in my jeep, as soon as I open the door her paws are up ready for me to lift her in to her little zebra bed on the passener seat. We love a journey together listening to the radio :-)

Hope your enjoying the sunshine. Im off to the beach tomorrow :-) so i hope the sun stays out.


  1. Love the shoes. They look comfortable, which is always a plus.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  2. Cool outfit girl, love the shoes and your nails! x