Friday, 3 May 2013

Wish list

These items are on my wish list, a lot of black I know but I just love it. With the sun shining and the blue sky It seems strange that I have been drawn to this colour, but they are the items that I can't stop thinking about. There are some bargains and some pricy items being the Ragged Priest jacket but its just so freaking cool. With the cut out arms it's definitely a leather jacket that can be used in the sun, as a leather jacket is my most favourite item. So now to stop giving reasons why I should be buying all of these :) and enjoy the sun. I hope you all have a fab weekend.

Leather Jacket- theraggedpriest
Snake skin shorts- miss guided
Beanie- theraggedpriest
Alien top- RedRock fashion
Dungarees- Asos


  1. Definitely need that leather jacket in my life!
    S xx

    1. It's cool isn't it. Just trying to decide when to spend that amount of money :-/ xx