Friday, 2 January 2015

My December favourites part 1

Happy New year to you all. 
So this is something I haven't done before but I would like to do more often, It's my December favourites. I'm thinking of doing it more, perhaps not monthly but every couple of months. 

These are products that I have bought or received throughout December that I already can't live without, so here they are. 

Jo Malone white jasmine and Mint, I love  mint whether it's sweets, ice cream, chocolates or a mojito :) so this I had to try and absolutely loved it. Jo Malone products are amazing and I am devoted customer of theres.

I am a huge Olsen fan and this is their brand Elizabeth and James. I have wanted to try this for a long time but you can only get it from America. For Christmas my mum and dad got me it and the smell is gorgeous, it's only a small bottle with a roll on top so I will be saving this for special occasion, thanks mum and dad :).

Victoria's Secret sensual blush was a purchase I made for when in a rush and moving about quickly. It's a fragrance mist and smells incredible, I just spritz it over my entire body in between darting around. It's a good handbag product so your not wasting your favourite perfume spraying it on and on through out your day. 

Camomile cleansing butter is a godsend for me. I had the liquid cleansers and they just seem to get me in a mess when I'm wearing liquid eye liner and I never feel it's completely off. This product is amazing, I simple wipe a cotton pad over it and then over my face and it takes all of my makeup off soooo quickly, it's incredibly soft and I just love it.

This is one of those products you use when your skin is in much need of a boost, perhaps the cold weather has made it feel dry and dull. I cover this all over my face and neck and leave it to sink in. It is a little greasy so I wouldn't use it when your in a rush, use it on those days when your having a little pamper and you have your hair up in a towl and your nail polish drying ;).

I bought the The Body shop face mist to keep in my bag to spray when my face is feeling dry. Then my brother brought me the cream which is also lovely. It means I can use the cream in the mornings and keep the mist In my bag to keep me topped up through out the day. Lovely products and definitely a must of mine.

I do love a skin care regime and was looking for a mask that would warm my skin and make me feel all cosy in this winter weather. Well I found it in this Sanctuary Spa deep cleanse facial thermal mask. It's incredible and I actually took it away with me on New Years Eve to use it in the morning to make me look a little less tired and dull.

I have used anti ageing products since I was about 14 years of age. This is due to my mum making sure I grew up with lovely skin. After all, there's no point in using anti aging onced you've aged right?? This Nip + Fab viper venom eye fix is amazing, it has a cold ball to roll on over the eye area that really wakes you up and feels like it's helping straight away.

Another thing my mum always taught me was that the hands and neck are the first things to go. They show your age even those women who love a little Botox on their forehead, check out their hands and neck, that's a sure tell tell sign that they may actually be older than they appear. Make sure you moisturise those areas not just your face.

Now this Laura Mericer set was a compete surprise from my boyfriend. He knows I love vanilla and geez does this smell amazing. It's a complete set from bubble bath, exfoliant to moisteriser to body mist and when I use it all I can smell it on my skin for the whole day and the next morning. One of my favourite Christmas presents, believe me it's incredible.

I hope you enjoyed part one of my Devember favourites, stay tuned for part Two.


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