Monday, 4 January 2016

Grey love

Grey is one of my favourite colours wheather it be the clothes I wear or the colour I paint my nails. Sometimes an all black outfit can get a little tired-some even if it is a fave of mine. Grey just adds another colour which still keeps it neutral and keeps those bright shades away when you don't feel like looking colourful. I think grey is one of the most chicest colours you can wear, it's my absolute favourite. 

Below are some of my favourite items out there at the moment in stores and online.


Below is a moodboard of an outfit styled around grey. I love a black and grey outfit and this one is a favourite of mine. I love every single item from the metallic loose t shirt to the tailored trousers and the metallic nail polish that would just finish the look. Go to my Instagram (katywatts8) to find out where to get these items from.

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